How Old Are You? The Lifespan of a Website

You might think that once you’ve built a website, you’re done. Some would say if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. But according to research, the lifespan of a typical website is only 2-5 years with the shorter end of the spectrum being for those who have audiences with high expectations. But do you really want to gamble on the idea that your audience doesn’t have high expectations in this economy?

There are a few key things to look out for that signal your website may be on the verge of a long, slow, and painful death:

  1. You’re trying to sell products to a creative or technically minded audience, but your site isn’t keeping up with the constantly changing times. If you’re trying to market yourself to a trendy audience, then you should have a website that screams “I’m trendy! Check me out!”
  2. You’ve got several frequent updates to make, but because you’re not using a cool content management system like WordPress, these updates take DAYS. And sometimes – gasp – even months!

So, how old are you? Has your site passed it’s expiration date?

If you’re still spending time manually coding in HTML updates – or spending hundreds of dollars each month farming that task out to a web developer – the answer is yes, you’re way out of date. And with such a robust content management system available out there as WordPress, there’s really no excuse for still being in the dark ages.

It’s simple really: Because WordPress is built around what we like to call a cascading style sheet (or CSS), all it takes to change the design of your site is a new style. Think of it this way – once the basic framework of the site is up (picture a skeleton wearing skin), all it takes is a new style sheet (a new set of clothes for that skeleton) to change the look. This means that the re-design process is much more inexpensive than the alternative of having your entire site rebuilt from the ground up every couple years – but only if you have a website built on a WordPress framework.

The best part about our custom WordPress design and development is that we will teach you how to update your own site as simply as sending an email to a friend.

Ease of use, ability to change the design inexpensively on the fly – we’re not really sure what you’re waiting for when it comes to getting your own custom WordPress website, but if you’re interested in telling us more about your dreams, we’ll be glad to listen.

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