The end of organic search

In this article by Aaron Harris co-founder of Tutorspree he outlines a disturbing fact  about how [if in fact we can replicate this] Google is killing organic search for revenue generating ads. Much of the space previously used for organic results is being chomped up by ad space and be mindful [if] Google considers you a competitor, you are also moving down on the search results.

“Nearly everything leads back to a Google product except for an ever-decreasing amount of “Organic” real estate” Aaron writes. So what does this all mean for your business? What are all your SEO efforts really getting you? Why hasen’t your SEO team already made you aware of this? Easy! They are in business of selling you hope. But hope without results leads to expensive. Be mindful your clients are seeing the same thing you are on SERPS. Making every effort to capitalize on referrers and direct traffic is becoming more important. 

So, if you have a web presence… are you making every effort to ensure your traffic is engaged in your content, service offerings, and offering a clear and intuitive call to action for conversions? Is your website out of date and not responsive/mobi optimized? Time to call Nicasio Design and let us help you stay ahead of the Google curve!


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