The Anatomy of A Website

Anatomy of a website

The Anatomy of a website

The Anatomy of a Web Page

Attracting customers to a business is more competitive than ever these days as more and more businesses seek to improve their website’s performance. But do they really understand what makes an effective Website? Just as it is with anything you want to be successful with, you need to understand the basics of a website in order to build a solid foundation. With that principle in mind, here is the anatomy of a website according to Nicasio Design.

Head to the Top of the Web Page

To begin to understand the anatomy of a website, let’s start at the very top, The Header. We are not
talking about the soccer maneuver but the area at the top of your website. It is named after the
headline section of a newspaper meant to capture attention and deliver information; headers work in
much the same way. The header usually contains the following elements:

  • Logo – A logo represents your company’s brand at the same time it provides a link back to the
  • Menu – A menu guides potential customers to different web pages on your site.
    Contact Information- Contact information is self-explanatory. It provides quick access to vital
    information such as phone numbers, email addresses, or social media links.
  • Search Bar – A search bar at the top of the webpage allows users to easily find specific content on
    the site much in the same way a search engine.
  • CTA Button – A CTA (call to action) button is there to urge potential customers to convert to
    paying customers. A CTA button usually has a prompt such as “Act Now,” “Read More,” and
    “Sign Up.” As you can see a call to action needs to be clear and compelling in order to drive

Typography on a Web Page

Again, website design harkens back to historical newspaper layout; one key element of both is typography. What is typography? Simply put, typography is the technique of arranging a font to make it legible, easily
readable, and visually appealing. In the context of a website, typography refers to the style,
arrangement, and appearance of the text. The selection of typefaces (fonts), as well as their size,
spacing, color, and alignment. It includes such elements as color and contrast, letter spacing (kerning or
tracking), alignment, and line spacing. As you can deduce, typography is essential to the success of your
website. If your company has a style guide, make sure that the font that is used is in line with the
parameters set in it.

A Website’s “Hero” Section

A hero section is the area on your website just below the header. It’s there to grab a visitors attention
with a impactful visual image and convey a sentiment to the customer in line with your company’s
branding. It consists of a hero image, a slider (slide show) or video, and eye-catching font.

A Website’s Background

It’s not always immediately noticeable but your website’s background plays a key role in it’s overall look and feel. It can be a solid color, a gradient, or an image. Your website’s background should complement the website content without overpowering it.

A Website’s Footer

The footer may not be the most glamorous part of a website’s layout, but it is vital nonetheless. Why?
Because it lets visitors to your webpage easily find navigation links they may have missed while reading
through content. A website’s footer typically contains the aforementioned links and the name and logo of your company or the goods or services you are providing.

To Sum Up The Anatomy of a website

These are just a few of the parts of a website’s anatomy; there are more components to its makeup. All
of which are critical to the success of a website as a whole. Without these parts, a webpage will fail to hold and convert visitors to customers.

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