WordPress Site Launch: Strong Learning, Inc.

We just completed the launch of our newest development: an e-commerce website for Strong Learning, Inc. Strong Learning had numerous needs going into this project. They required a custom design, they needed a CMS that would allow them to quickly and easily manage their content, and they wanted e-commerce integration into their existing 1 Shopping Cart account for […] read more.

WordPress Site Launch: Gary LeBeau for Senate

While most of our projects are larger, custom design and development projects, sometimes a client just needs some simple theme customizations to meet their goals. This was the case with a site we recently built for the Gary LeBeau for Connecticut State Senate campaign. The site features a simple WordPress theme that we simply rebranded for the campaign. […] read more.

WordPress Site Launch: Savannah Biz Ads

We launched the website for Savannah Biz Ads today. This was a pretty cool project. Savannah Biz Ads has an innovative approach that’s going to allow local businesses to advertise in both at physical locations and online through their company. This online/offline synergy is a significant bang for your buck in the world of advertising. We also did […] read more.

Dreamweaver CS5 To Offer WordPress Code Completion

Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 will offer a series of new tools which are aimed to help PHP programmers and users of popular open source CMS such as WordPress and Joomla write code faster. While I can definitely see the benefit of this functionality I have to say that as a developer I like to have full control over my […] read more.

Is WordPress Killing Web Design?

It’s no secret that we are very fond of the WordPress platform here at Nicasio. We use WordPress on most of our web projects (unless of course another platform is a better fit for that particular project). Between the open source software from which allows anyone with minimal web knowledge to setup their own highly customizable blog/CMS […] read more.

Top 5 WordPress Design Tips

About the author: Dan Cannon is the CTO of Nicasio Design. Follow Dan on Twitter. With WordPress gaining in popularity at an exponential rate there are more and more sites out there running on WordPress. Some are running on pre-made themes, some are running on custom designs. Regardless of how your WordPress Site’s design will be implemented the […] read more.

WordPress E-Commerce Site Launch

Nicasio Design is proud to announce the launch of one of our latest WordPress sites for Dr. Barbara Goschi. Dr. Goschi needed a highly customized content management system and e-commerce site launched where she could sell her products, sell her advice, communicate with her patients/readers, and outline her services. The solution we chose to build out her custom […] read more.

Launch of American Ion

American Ion has an exciting new product that can keep the air in your home, office, etc clean of bad smells, allergens, and some viruses. They have a great product and needed a website that could get them off the ground quickly and also scale as their new venture grew. Our solution after the break.

Bi-Weekly WordPress Design Tip

First in a new series of quick tips we’re going to start publishing on good WordPress Design. Tip #1: The sidebar is not a Christmas Tree and you should not decorate it as such. The sidebar of your WordPress site is an extremely valuable area that allows you to show your users content that, for whatever reason, works […] read more.

Nicasio WordPress Design Tips

When considering a custom design for your WordPress site, there are important elements that are not necessarily within the syntax and mechanics of the template that should be kept in mind. For example, you may start with an idea, like “I want a blue background” but did you think about the fact that there are many variations to […] read more.

What makes WordPress Special for you?

As we prepare for the Nicasio holiday party, we took it upon ourselves to decorate our office with, yes, WordPress W’s. Why? Well, we love WordPress and dedicate a good portion of our production efforts to pushing the platform, functionality wise, beyond the premise of blogging platform [see our site launches.]  What makes WordPress special for Nicasio Design – […] read more.

WordPress Site Launch: FPFE

Nicasio Design is proud to announce the launch of our latest custom WordPress Design and Development Project: The Foundation for Personal Financial Education. FPFE needed a custom site to handle their large amount of content. They wanted to be able to control page content, their blog, their different chapters, have a members area, and have full control over […] read more.