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Street View for Business
Google Business View


What is Business View?

Leveraged in the experience of handling our development and programming techniques, we recently decided to associate ourselves with Google Maps and Google Street View in the most fascinating commercial project called GOOGLE BUSINESS VIEW. The objective of this project is to feed the Google search engine with the most representative and relevant tourist and commercial sites in the global market, generating an increase in the positioning of the respective business channels through virtual tours.

As a Partner, Nicasio Design can make a 360º virtual tour of your facilities exclusively for your company and thus be able to help you create a global positioning of both your services and your products. It is a pleasure to put at your disposal our products and the implementation of a virtual tour based on 360º technology with immersive points within your business through Google Maps.


What is Google Business Profile and what do I get with this tool?

Google Business Profile is a tool that allows you to promote your Business Profile and your business website on Google Search and Maps. With your Google Business Profile account, you can connect with your customers, post updates to your Business Profile, and see how customers are interacting with your business.

The Google Business Profile helps your business show up when it matters most: when customers are looking for your business or products or services like the ones you offer on Google Search and Maps. We can also update your Google Business Profile account’s address, phone number, website, hours of operation, and more to help customers find and connect with your business. Keep your profile up to date with current photos, special offers and promotions so customers can easily choose your business over your competitors.


Engage with your customers via your Google Business Profile

With a Google Business Profile account, you get more than a listing for your business. A Google Business Profile allows you to easily connect with customers on Google Search and Maps.

Google Business Profile gives you the ability to attract and interact with customers when they search for your business on Google. With your Business Profile you can be present on Google Search and Maps, allowing you to respond to reviews, post product photos, post special offers, and add or edit your business details. Insights show you how you can optimize your interaction with customers for better results.

Another of Google’s business tools is business email addresses with your company’s domain name (for example, yourname@yourcompany) for you and everyone on your team, through G Suite Gmail. Business email addresses allow you to create different aliases, such as help@yourcompany and sales@yourcompany, to answer your customers’ questions and can help you build trust with your customers.


Reach more customers on Google Search

A 360º virtual tour goes far beyond 360º panoramic shots. Virtual tour immersive, interactive and completely personalized is a content storytelling multimedia for companies through the Nicasio Design and Google Business View service. If you have a business and it also appears on Google Maps, you’re in luck, because Google together with Nicasio Design now offers the tool which your company can better reach people. Why? Because now they will be able to see inside, without the need for users to move from home.

What is BusinessView?

It is the ability for businesses to show the interior of their restaurants, stores or offices, in a 360º virtual tour. To give you an idea, it will be like Google Street View, but instead of showing the streets views, facades and exteriors, it shows your premises from the inside. And the best part is you control your immersive points.

Where will the Business View results appear?

You already know that Google tries to unite all its tools, in order to facilitate searches for users, that’s why Business View will appear in Google searches and Google Maps.

Advantages of Business view

  • You can integrate it into your website through the Google Maps API.
  • You will have the possibility to expand your target audience and reach more users.
  • You will show the charm of your business interior.
  • You will appear in more Google Search results.
  • Google Business View is integrated into the most used search engine in the world, Google.
    You can integrate it into social media networks.
  • Your business will appear in Google Business Profile with the Business View virtual tour.

Other Nicasio Design Offerings:

  • Organic positioning in the Google search engine.
  • Google Maps system update.
  • Google Business tab update.
  • Creation of streets and avenues.
  • Google Ads Console, Google Business Profile, Google Search Console (for websites).
  • Online reservation system with no monthly cost or commissions for hotels.
  • Online Menu Console for restaurants.
  • Online store for products (e-commerce).
  • Reaction of active affinities for Google Maps users.
  • Systems consultancy and training.

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