Steps to setting a marketing budget

Photo Credit: Bill Alexander
Photo Credit:
Bill Alexander

One of the most productive and yet ignored activities for a business is setting and sticking to a marketing budget. Why is it hard and why do you tend to ignore or nor do this on a regular basis? Well, perhaps it is because you are not following one of these 3 steps, which are recommended by Dave Lavinsky in this Forbes article.

Dave recommends 1- setting a budget and he calls it organizing financial information. Loosely translated, know how much you make in order to know how much you can spend.

Step 2- he identifies as knowing where you will spend your budget. Now this is tricky, but if you think about it knowing how to best reach your demographic is tied to point #3 in his article; measuring performance.

Knowing how to reach your demographic is only attainable [in this writer’s opinion]   by using a little common sense and measuring performance [ROI] of your spending. In other words, am I reaching the right people, at the right time, with the right message?

Hope this small tidbit helps.  Let us know how we can help with anything SEO/Web/Design/Etc…

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