Spotlight: Sonia Hunt Blog

Ever wonder what experts like those at Nicasio Design and Development can do for your professional blog? Sure, WordPress is the best and easiest to use blog out there so you could tinker with your personal blog alone with no help from experts. That’s the beauty of WordPress—if you can turn on a computer and connect to the Internet you can use it. But there’s a difference between blogging for fun and a blog used to promote your business, especially when you are your business. Take a look a one of Nicasio’s latest site launches, Sonia Hunt Blog.

On the surface, Sonia Hunt seems like a contradiction: a foodie with terrible food allergies. However, her blog leaves no contradictions. Fun, bright, and big personality are the words that come to my mind when I browse her blog. It’s the little things that catch your eyes. As the page loads, the first image you see is a lovely photograph of Sonia Hunt with her name and a beautifully designed flower logo. She’s a personality. She needs to get her image and her brand out into the world and WordPress makes it easy. The latest entries of the blog take up the majority of the page with links to other sites, her Twitter, and her Facebook in a side panel. All the information that anyone would need to know about who Sonia Hunt is and how to contact her are readily available and easy to find. The layout of the page is clean and easy to scan without any clutter that can turn off readers. One of my favorite details of the blog is what the layout does with the older entries. Blog sites often leave these old entries in boring lists. Let them float on a sheet of ice away from the mainland never to be seen again.  This is not good for business when you want people to read the old entries. But this blog site is designed to allow the entries to be categorized with pictures and their own headings at the bottom of the page. It’s so easy to find older entries rather it be photos of Sonia Hunt with chefs, rundowns of food events, or recipes for someone with food allergies. This makes it easy to return to older blogs entries and without help from experts who could help customize your page, features like these that can help grow your business would be lost to you.

In conclusion, could you create your own WordPress blog? Yes, but take a look at Sonia Hunt Blog. Experts like those at Nicasio Design and Development can take what you have started as a personal blog and turn it into something sleek and professional looking. They can take your tastes and personality into consideration and create a blog that you could use to promote yourself or your business. For full web design credits go to Sonia Hunt’s Crew Credit page.

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