Some much needed Thank You’s…

I see Felix has already written an introductory post for our latest website launch ( so instead of saying the same thing twice and boring our loyal followers I’d like to take this opportunity to give some thanks to the few individuals involved in making this project a success.

All of us at Nicasio were extremely happy to work with Tom from because of his excitement and personal involvement in the entire process. Its true that Tom might not have known some of the more technical aspects that went into the project but his ability to set realistic goals joined with his willingness to learn is what made working together on this project very fulfilling on not just a business level but personally as well. So to Tom, Thank You—We look forward to growing our partnership and working with you to further enhance your new WordPress MU website in the future.

Now, to turn the light back in-house…

I’d like to thank Felix for all his efforts in setting up the numerous phone and web meetings with Tom and for pushing Dan and myself to the limits of quick, efficient, goal-oriented web development. Large projects like these can sometimes lead developers down a dark and foggy road yet you effectively managed to keep us on track and focused during the entire process. Successful project management is no easy task so I thank you for the hours you spend every day meeting with clients and discovering their current problems and helping them visualize and set realistic goals. Using the information you gather allows Dan and myself to effectively translate the client’s goals into a functional website that not only satisfies their needs but the needs of the website’s users as well.

And finally a big Thank You goes out to Dan—Nicasio’s own Web Applications Developer!

Dan has the ability to build anything you ask of him [given enough time and budget, of course] which is great because it allows more flexibilty in the design and development process. To put it simply, Dan delivers—especially on larger projects like where there are a thousand different tasks each one having multiple ways of being accomplished. Dan always weighs the pros and cons of every solution to ensure the website remains scalable and will ultimately meet the requirements set by the client. Having such a talented developer on our team also allows myself the freedom to design user-friendly web applications that are interactive and invite the users to become more involved and excited to visit the website more often.

Well, thats it from me. I am very happy with the completed website and hope that it will reach the masses and grow into a very large online community of enthusiastic users.

If you are interested in working with Nicasio to develop your own online community portal please do not hesitate to call or email us—we would love to help you achieve your goals.

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