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The design and development of a custom website is very beneficial for any business today. We wont list those benefits out on this article, but we all pretty much know that most successful businesses today have an up-to-date and effective web presence to say the least.  Another no brainer is running a company blog. Not only do customers like to read about the company they’re doing business with, but they also like to take a peek into future products and other “special information” that will make them feel like they’re a VIP.  Many customers and clients these days like to be informed and stay updated on what’s going on with your business.  Remember, you want those visitors to become your loyal customers.  A blog is a great way to do just that.  The key to having a site do well, however is creating a memory with people.  A staying power.  Having a site that looks professional and well put together is essencial.
A custom built site complete with relevant images and a favicon will impress potential customers and have them coming back to your site.  Favicon is short for favorites icon. It’s a small icon that’s associated with a website’s url, bookmark, and shortcut.  Having a favicon for your site is a smart move.  You want a Favicon that sticks out in a person’s mind.  Even though it’s just a tiny image, people will recall that it’s associated with your site and the more people remember your site, the more likely you will have them as returning visitors and potential customers. There is an old article on Smashing Mag about Favicons, but it is from 2007 – some some recent comments.  Here are some Favicons I particularly like.  Notice how subtle, yet accurate these are:
Yes there are many do it yourself Favicon services out there, but nothing can substitute for professional work.  Nicasio Design has created numerous favicons, helping dozens of sites stay fresh in the minds of visitors.  At Nicasio Design we specialize in making our clients’ sites and blogs stand out from the rest.  How can we help you?

Here are just a few custom favicon Nicasio creations:

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