Sites Redesigns Using WordPress


Our specialty here at Nicasio Design has always been custom WordPress Design and Development. However some well established businesses have pre-existing sites that they are more or less happy with, but always looking to improve.

This was the case with Knife Coach and Wendy Lewis Co. Both of these sites are owned by beauty expert Wendy Lewis. Wendy was happy with the site’s overall design and content, but wanted to bring them up to date by making them more dynamic and making some design tweaks.

Both of these sites were previously static sites, however in order to give the client more control over their content and make the sites more dynamic we ported both sites over to WordPress while making some fairly significant design tweaks in the process. We also made all of the content on the site dynamic, giving maximum control to the Wendy and her team.

More screenshots after the break.

Wendy Lewis & Co Homepage

Custom WordPress Redesign by Nicasio Design

Wendy Lewis & Company Secondary Page

Custom WordPress Design by Nicasio Design

The Knife Coach Homepage

Custom WordPress re-design by Nicasio

The Knife Coach Secondary Page

Custom WordPress Secondary Page

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