Quick Google Analytics Conversions Guide for Wild Apricot Websites

Quick Google Analytics Conversions Guide for Wild Apricot Websites

Have you asked yourself how many people visit does my Wild Apricot website from any given email / marketing campaign? How many of those visitors ‘convert’ to members? Where did they come from? How much time do they spend on a given page, and do that take action [as intended] after landing there? If you have, then after reading this article you will be on the path to getting some answers to your Wild Apricot website performance. But first, let’s define some basic Google Analytics terminology:

What are Conversions?
A conversion is when a visitor of your website takes an action you care about (filling out a form, completing a purchase) and ‘’converts’’ to a customer.

How do I track Conversions using Google Analytics?
All it takes is a defined goal and a special URL that reveals the source of the click. If you haven’t setup Google Analytics account yet, check out our previous post on how to setup google analytics and best practices.

Step 1: Build your tracking URL.
Go to Google Analytics URL Builder to tag your URLs with custom campaign tracking parameters. Just fill out the short form by inserting your landing pages URL and the rest of the campaign details.

Step 2: Use your tracking URL.
Instead of using your standard URL use your tracking URL.

Step 3: Define your goal.
You’ll need to create goals in Google Analytics for the conversion you want to track.
To create your goal you’ll need to:
Click on ‘’Admin’’ in the navigation bar.
Click on ‘’Goals’’ under View.
Click on ‘’+New Goal’’.
Create your goal by following the Wizard.

Once the goal is created, Google Analytics will track your goal performance and give you a lot of data. To access this data all you have to do is go to Conversions > Goals. From here you will see all the information regarding how many users converted, where did the conversions come from and a lot more.

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