Nicasio Design & Development Introduces Ni.Kalkulator

Nicasio Design & Development Introduces Ni.Kalkulator, the Easiest Way to Get an Estimate for a New Website
/The exclusive online application offers customizable estimates for a new website free and fast./

(Savannah, GA) January 10, 2008 – For businesses and individuals interested in a new website, but unsure of what the costs may be, local web firm Nicasio Design & Development has created a user-friendly online application, called Ni.Kalkulator, to give customers an estimated cost for their web development needs.

After five easy steps, answering a couple of standard questions, users are given an estimate for their website project. For those who aren’t totally comfortable with technological jargon, there are helpful roll-over buttons that help explain the different terms.

“A lot of businesses approach us as they consider a new website, but they don’t know where to begin or how much a website will cost,” explains Nicasio’s Managing Director Felix Figuereo. “Now, with the Ni.Kalkulator anyone can go online and easily find out what kind of site they want, and how much it will cost them, without having to worry about being pressured into getting more than they need.”

Nicasio Design’s Ni.Kalkulator can be accessed at:

With the coming of the New Year, many businesses and individuals should take a moment to consider their online presence, and ask themselves whether their website is adequate. Nicasio Design & Development’s Managing Director Felix Figuereo offers 3 helpful questions to figure out if a business is ready for a new website:

1. Does my competition have a website and how much business am I losing to them as a result?
2. Do I need to improve my business’ customer service?
3. Am I often asked – “What is your website address?”

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