Nicasio Goes to Sonoma

Inside Sonoma Custom WordPress Design

OK, we didn’t actually goto Sonoma (although we wouldn’t mind a vacation), but we did just finish the new custom design and development project for Inside Sonoma ( Inside Sonoma required a dynamic site to handle their large amount of content.

This project consisted of a custom logo design, custom WordPress design, and the development of that design into a full fledged WordPress site by our lead designer and front end developer, Chris Underwood. This site is a great example of using WordPress as both a blog and fully featured content management system.

Inside Sonoma is tied into most of the larger social networks out there, so building their site in such a way that it incorporates social networking was essential. We tied in Sonoma’s Twitter account to their new site so their site’s visitors can always be on top of their latest Tweets. Readily available social network buttons allow the site’s users to quickly push content from Inside Sonoma to their own social networking accounts. Integrated YouTube videos allow for streaming video on the site while allowing Sonoma’s content to also be found on another site, generating even more traffic for their new site. This site is truly an example of what can be accomplished using new social networking avenues for site promotion.

Nicasio is very proud of this project and we look forward to building a long and successful relationship with Inside Sonoma.

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