Nicasio Before & After Website Design Showcase

Nicasio Before & After Website Design Showcase

There are often situations where a client approaches us and asks us to perform a miracle. Case in point being the IHIA.Org folks. They hired a developer who swore to them that he could not only design and develop a new IHIA.Org website, but he could integrate it to Wild Apricot and make the entire thing jive; meaning – make the WIX and Wild Apricot platforms work together. Well, that was not the case. Having experienced a situation where they were happy with their new website, however not able to have the two platforms connect to each other presented a major obstacle for them.

Enter Nicasio Design & Development

As a long past client of ours, we were willing to take on the task of not promising an undeliverable option, but solving the problem by developments their new WIX website on to the Wild Apricot platform: “You can do that!” ~ ‘Yes we have and can…’ The first step was understanding the goals and objectives so that we could marry the proposed design to the desired platform. Doing so was easy with the help of the entire IHIA team and their valuable input. As the site was not fully functional, we had to document the desired integral components and how they were envisioned to behave at their Wild Apricot site.

The End Result Speaks for Itself

We have had many projects run smoothly through the years, but this is one of the best ones ever – simply because of the IHIA team’s willingness to respond and provide input not only in a timely manner but in eager and positive way. It makes all the difference with a client is open to suggestions, has the ability to respond concisely and openly about potential roadblocks, and acknowledges new work v scoped work. The end result is a project and a website that delivers exactly what the client envisioned; finally!

We are glad we were able to save the day with the IHIA.Org project, and would extend the same curtesy to all our past, present and future Wild Apricot clients. Nicasio Design is here to help. See our full Before and After here.

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