Nexflix Will Communicate…For Payments

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OK as some may already know, I have a thing for service; not just service, but good service.

So, the latest issue with Netflix for me is as follows:
I had an empty queue and Netflix tells me that I should have received notice of this once they sent out the last movie in my queue. Oddly enough I NEVER received such notice.

Next, I closed a bank account and did not update my profile at Netflix so that my next rebil would fail.

Guess what everyone! You got it! I received a series of emails about my billing issue:
1 – Houston we have a problem.
2 – Your account billing information has been successfully updated.
3 – Billing Issue Corrected.

Amazing isn’t it? I get 3 emails for billing issues and one for an empty queue!? At this point is has become an obsessions for me. Netflix WILL send out as many emails when you have an empty queue as when they do not get paid. I will make this my life’s pursuit!

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