What Makes HTML5 Better (Hint: Compatibility Counts)


HTML5 has well and truly made a leap in the way we think and use a website or application. The platform indeed has become a de facto standard for building high-end projects with ease. HTML5 isn’t anything new which has been introduced recently, in fact, it has been around with us for few years, giving us sophisticated ways to create apps and content that look graceful across a variety of platforms.

HTML5 is an advanced version of HTML, incorporating a great deal of features and tools that allow webmasters to meet the increasing demands of today’s media. The markup language is an ideal source for creating cross-platform mobile applications. This means we really don’t need to care whether it’s an Android phone, Windows phone, Blackberry, or iPhone. We create a single application using HTML5, and deliver the same on any of the platform we want.

Advantages of HTML5

  • Cost-effective Cross-platform Development is Possible

A single batch of code can be used to make your app accessible across a variety of platforms. Producing a brilliant app isn’t helpful unless until you don’t serve it to a wide range of audience. For this you need to develop an app that is easily available on different platforms, devices, and markets. And HTML5 is indeed a reliable source to accomplish this task. Also, the language is made using the current web practices and standards so browser compatibility isn’t an issue.

  • Benefit of HTML5 Semantic Elements

Webmasters quite frequently ask this question- why they should care about using HTML5 all the time. It’s a good question since HTML5 is a broad concept to understand. HTML5’s semantic tags are a good place to start with not only because it’s comprehensive but it can instantly increase the readability and accessibility of your website.

HTML5 is a great platform when it comes to increasing your website accessibility. The different components of this platform such as header, footer, navigation, articles, and sections, allow visitors to scan the overall design of a website and consume the content in the manner most effective.

  • Uniform Performance Across Multiple Browsers

Not all browsers have the ability to support all kinds of web pages or applications. However, when anything is project is being developed using HTML5, it gives more opportunities to the webmaster to create a fully compatible website or system that display a uniform performance within all browsers.

  • Amazing Collection of Features

As more and more people are making use of Smartphones and mobile devices, application developers are striving to develop better avenues to reach their target audience efficiently. HTML5 is awesome in the way it offers a pool of rich features that make developers more agile and swift in developing quality apps. It makes development functional and full of impact. Applications based on HTML5 can also be updated without having any need to press update button.

  • Augmented Media Support

It is worth noticing that HTML5 comes complete with native audio and video support. The development of rich media tags such as audio and video will help marketers in creating highly functional and useful websites. These media tags are developed using JavaScript and offer complete support and flexibility to construct a high-quality website. The integration of this kind will also positively influence your SEO efforts as you are creating a completely unique website that search engines often look to rank the websites.

  • Geolocation Support

HTML5 supports geoloaction. This means it offers a facility to the user to share their location easily. This is a crucial aspect to consider for developing the location based apps.

  • Enhanced User Experience

HTML5 comes packed with an impressive range of design, development, and demonstration tools that give webmasters complete control on the way their web applications should function. This is something which adds to their scope for providing a rich user experience. It’s a vital aspect from a business perspective, as user engagement and retention is all what define the success of an app, this should be dealt with proper care. Creating a visually attractive and usable site or an app means that people are more likely to return to it on a regular basis.


There is absolutely no excuse for any ardent developer to ignore the significance of HTML5 for developing modern websites or applications. It represents numerous opportunities for the application developers and work well in increasing their reach to customers.

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