How to Setup Google Analytics & Best Practices for Wild Apricot Metrics

Ever wonder how other organizations seem to always be so relevant and uniquely engaging their audience? Perhaps they understand their audience via actively measuring their Wild Apricot website’s performance metrics? So, here is how you can setup Google Analytics and some best practices for Wild Apricot metrics:

Setting up Google Analytics on Wild Apricot Site:

1- Get a unique tracking code from Google Analytics for your site.

  • Create an account at
  • Go to Admin tab > Property drop down > Create New Property
  • Fill out the short form and click on ‘’Get Tracking ID’’ button and done.


2- Include the Tracking ID on every page of your site.

  • Copy your tracking code from Admin > Property > Tracking Info > Tracking Code.
  • Copy the Tracking code to your Wild Apricot Website and paste this Tracking Code under Settings > Site > Global Javascript.
  • Click Save and you are now tracking your Wild Apricot Website on Google Analytics.

So what now? Here are some of the best practices of using Google Analytics on Wild Apricot Websites.

3- Never lose focus of what you are measuring.

The key to understanding google analytics reports is to focus on 5-10 Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that are important in achieving your website objectives.


4- Measure conversions with goals.

Your conversion rate is the most important KPI, regardless of your websites purpose and objectives. With this said your google analytics account should be configured to measure conversions using goals.

5- Create custom dashboards and reports.

Spend some time creating a dashboard or two that focus exclusively on the KPIs that are pertinent to your websites goals.

6- Use primary and secondary dimensions.

In some cases, additional dimensions give you access to a lot more information.

7- Clean up your reports with filters.

With filters you can clean out unwanted information, for example, you can exclude the traffic from your office or home IPs, so all the data you recieve is strictly real and clean traffic.

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