How to Protect your WordPress Website (in 5 easy steps)

How to Protect your WordPress Website (5 easy steps)

Presently content management systems (CMS) and web applications are facing a lot of security issues. WordPress is not an exception as it’s one of the most popular and powerful blogging content management systems.

Here are 5 easy basic steps to minimize those security issues:

1- Always keep up WordPress updated, including pluggings and widgets, is a must. Running the latest version of WordPress can significantly help out counter any attack made by hackers,
since most vulnerabilities that most hackers take advantage, are bugs related to updates.

2- Never use the default ”admin” username. Hackers usually target the default username ”admin” due to so many people not bothering to change it.

3- Making good use of complex password is another must. The majority of attacks are disctionary-based, this means that if you use a simple word as your password, by process of elimination this password will eventually get bypassed. So at minimum -using combination of numbers, letters and special characters-, your password should be 8-10 characters long.

4- Contemplate the option of changing the file structure. Most attackers look for websites directories with ”wp” in their website names. WordPress sites are being specifically targeted by hackers by scanning the web for ”wp” url results across the web. You could avoid being a hacker’s target by removing this common directory naming convention.

5- Attacth a pluggin or a security shield that prevents X amount of loging attempts.
Most of online accounts (such as bank account, facebook, etc.) will block you from logging in after too many failed attempts. This security measure blocks password generators from generating the correct password of your site.

While these previous steps can successfully help your WordPress site’s security, new attacks and hackers are always rising to take advantage of weak website securities every day. It is important that you stay proactive and put future security steps into effect as you see fit.

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