Forget everything you think you know about WordPress…

And possibly what others have told you as well. The reality is that WordPress WAS originally developed to help its users maintain their blogs or online diaries. 5 years later there is an increasing number of folks using WordPress to develop entire websites. YES – you heard me – websites, not just blogs!

What does this mean for you? To be honest – anything you want it to mean. With over 3,000 registered plugins at the time I wrote this article – making WordPress do what YOU need it to do is just a few mouse clicks away. [ insert shameless plug here: ] And with the help of an experienced web design and development team like our own your website could be the next big thing.

Don’t believe me? Take a moment to check out these WordPress powered websites:

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Sites we’ve helped create:

More of our WordPress sites:

Amazing, right!? Using WordPress to manage ALL your websites content, who would have thought? So, the next time someone tells you that WordPress is only for bloggers you have my permission to slap them in the face (figuratively, or not)!

WordPress is not only FREE to use, its backed by over 1.5 million users and probably the largest community of CMS (Content Management System) developers that are dedicated to improving this already powerful platform.


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