Finding Keywords That Work for Your Website

How do you determine what keywords work for your site? In researching keywords one of the most important, valuable, and highly productive activities is the study of your market’s keyword
demand. You can learn which terms and phrases to target if you have good SEO skills, and while at it –
also learn a little more about your customers.

In order to study your market’s keyword demand you must first know what Niche Keyword segments you may belong to. Follow these 3 easy steps:

1- Use a Keyword Research Tool to Find Niche Keywords:
Researching Keywords will help you notice a wide range of potential keyword opportunities including less obvious terms [long tails] that could potentially drive traffic and subsequent sales or subscriptions. This author’s tool of choice for Keyword Research is WordStream’s Free Keyword Tool, which allows you to see the Google Search Volume for a given Keyword.

2- Refine your Niche Keyword List:
It’s key to find an effective method of refining keyword lists, and what you do with your list of keywords is what matters. In Keeping with WordStream’s Free Keyword Tool, notice it lets you see a keywords Google Search Volume per keywords absolutely free? Now, all you need to do is determine which keywords you want to pursue and note… the higher the search volume the higher also the competitiveness for that given keyword will also be.

3- Determine How Competitive Your Niche Keyword Phrases Are:
Last, but not least, you’ll need to analyze how competitive each keyword phrase is by evaluating the relative difficulty of ranking for each niche keyword. There are different websites with developed algorithms that will grade your keywords phrases. To determine your keywords relative amount of competition, the price you pay for each click in your pay per click marketing campaigns (CPC) and
the advertising Opportunity Score, all you need to do is login to Google account > access Adwords > there access Keyword Research tool > and finally, the cost per click Google estimates for each keyword.

Now that you know what keywords work for your site, it’s time to track that investment [ROI] and regularly track how those keywords perform on your site and in accordance with your specific business objectives.

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