Doing Websites Right

WordPress DesignHow Will They Find You?
A poorly designed website will not only turn customers away, but they might never find it to begin with. Take SEO for example, this is a technique used to make it easier for major search engines like Google to find and index a website, and it requires the use keywords strategically via meta descriptions, page titles, and in the body of the text. A recent study found that 26 percent of small business websites can’t be located on the internet because they are not being indexed. That’s 1 in 4 websites.

Getting The Word Out.
Hand in hand with SEO is the use of social media. Primarily used to engage customers, social media encourages people to share information about products and services they use. Small businesses that don’t use facebook or Twitter are missing out on a prime opportunity to promote their brand. Perhaps even more critical is the fact that 75 percent of business owners have no metrics to collect and analyze information about their customers. Using metrics would help determine the best way to apply social media and other marketing strategies to grow their business.

Mobi Friendly Is A Most!
Millions of people use mobile devices to search the internet, but the design and layout is skewed when viewing a traditional website on a mobile device making mobile compatibility essential for conducting business online. Currently, 6 out of 10 small businesses don’t have a mobile-friendly version of their website. Those that do are still unlikely to employ a support team to manage their website’s security. Considering that 44 percent of businesses have been hacked averaging over $8,000 per attack, investing in security is paramount to the sustainability of a small business.

Found You… Now What?
Often overlooked to the detriment of the small business owner is the lack of marketing on their website. So many small businesses ignore the importance of a call to action, the sales pitch that creates a sense of urgency and causes the customer to pick up the phone and call, email, or purchase a product or service. 93 percent of businesses don’t list a phone number and 49 percent don’t list an email address for customers to contact them. The best tagline in the world is useless without providing the means for the customer to act on it.

Websites Are Not DIY!
By far the greatest risk for small businesses is the time wasted trying to manage all these components internally. 64 percent of business owners feel that making time to tend to necessary updates is a considerable challenge. 25 percent are overwhelmed with maintaining their website.

Enter the experts.
At Nicasio Design we specialize in supporting the website, creating a fun and effective experience, and making the website accessible across devices. Having problems? Your Website not doing any of these? Let us know and we will be glad to provide some insight so that you can get back to doing what you do.

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