Do I need a mobile version of my website?

Mobile Use

Braden Russom raises some great questions and presents some awesome observations in his recent post titled “Do You Really Need A Mobile Website?” His first questions opens the topic of raise of mobile websites. His research points out some interesting things:

  1. notice how the traffic of mobile sites varies by  industry.
  2. not surprising retail and government lead the way.
  3. high law sector mobile usage – who knew.

My observations are:

  1. high or increased holiday retail traffic followed by high software traffic early in the year.
  2. the retail sector also drives the mobile ad spending increase according to gartner.
  3. highest mobile traffic is driven by the industry with the highest number of mobile sites.

Overall, whether there is an increase or not may be a mute point. Your competition has a mobile presence. Think about the onset of the internet in the early days of the web. Many holdouts eventually learned that having a website was not a luxury. Users will not conduct 100% of their business on a mobile website – we are not there yet. However, accessing information, referring business your way, and gaining  initial insight to your business is a key proponent of your mobile presence.

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