Custom Wild Apricot Theme Design & Development

Congratulations to our friends at the New York City Chapter of the International Coach Federation on the launch of their new custom Wild Apricot website.

They held us to a high standard with design and development their new ICF NYC Wild Apricot website: multiple mobile view ports, totally dynamic calendar color tagging, and much more.

We love working with clients who present us a challenge. From the go we were told that this was “not just another wild apricot website.” The look and feel had to represent their ICF brand, but the chapter’s offerings should not fade to the background. Challenge accepted!

All the best to ICF NYC Chapter. We know going forward your members will enjoy the fruits of your labor. The website looks amazingly well.

Calendar with cystic tags and colors – – >






< – – The Board of Directors page renders images so pretty.







Vivid  secondary page  header imagery – – >





Think about your current Wild Apricot website and how it can be even better? How it can attract more members and visitors?  Maybe it is not the content, but how it is presented? Whatever the case – do not hesitate and let us know how Nicasio Design can help with your Wild Apricot website.

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