Copy / Paste to Wild Apricot Newsletter Code

So we created a way for you to copy the HTML off of the Upcoming Events Wild Apricot gadget, and paste it onto an email template. Link below gives you the JS Code and below you can follow the steps to same:

1- Click THIS LINK to access the code
2- Place the code in your Admin > Global JS section below ALL other code
3- Create a new page, make it public, do not add it to your navigation, and add a Upcoming Events gadget to it
4- Next, make sure you select the Plain page template option
5- Save the page and now you will see at Copy HTML button top right of the page
6- You are almost done, just click the Copy HTML button, go to Email tab in admin, email templates, create new email template and name it Upcoming Events Template 
7- Edit the template and click HTML in top menu
8- Paste HTML and click save and you are done!

Now you can email your upcoming events to your members and from their email they can click on through any event to register as they wish. These steps are fairly easy to follow. If you make a mistake, start over – or call us and we will be glad to help!


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