Content Management Systems Out of the Box.

There are many different types of Content Management Systems (CMS) available to Website owners, but do they contain all the features you need to run your Website effectively and efficiently? The answer is sometimes, but more than likely not. After all, not all Websites are the same; selling the same products, have the same features, and content – I think you get the idea.

All CMS have different feature sets and different functionality / plugins / solutions; some features may be usable to your site, and other features can be pretty much useless depending on your needs. Not to mention, some are free as in “Open Source”, and others you have to pay for.

So what’s the difference? Most Open Source CMS are not fully supported by their creators. This is often because it has been birthed through the efforts of many individuals that have donated time and effort to build the CMS. The paid CMS sometimes will offer support and help regarding the current version(s), but quite often offer no support for customization. Unless you are a wiz at writing code, more than likely you will need to hire an outside resource to help you customize the CMS so that it fully meets your needs.

Let’s take WordPress for example. When you first install it you have the basics to work with. Sure, you can download templates and change the look of your WordPress site, but take into account the fact that there may be hundreds of other sites out there that may look exactly like yours. So, if you want your site top have a unique look and feel and to stand out from everyone else – this may not be your option. Not to mention you may need customization of your content and site layout, the navigation of your WordPress site, and this is not an easy undertaking for first timers.

You can get yourself in hot water undertaking the installation and customization of your CMS; it doesn’t work for your needs and it looks like everyone else’s WordPress site. So, what can you do? As I mentioned before, you can out-source this to professionals like us [Nicasio Design & Development] where we specialize in customizing your WordPress. By out-sourcing these daunting tasks you can save yourself a world of time and get the site you want the way you want it to function. So don’t wait any longer, contact us and see what we can do for you!

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