Are Wild Apricot Users Embracing Admin Changes?

Wild Apricot releases new admin and users rejoice! Or, at least they don’t flatout reject it. From the FB user group we are seeing things like…

Hope from Wild Apricot admin says “we’ve updated the layout of admin view to help you use Wild Apricot more efficiently.”

Minor frustrations from users like… “I cannot figure out how to toggle from my admin dashboard over to the site pages…”

Overall we would say the changes are welcomed and a marked improvement for the following reasons:
– delineation of admin functions from website functions
– a clearer separation between the two sets of options
– much cleaner interphase to work with
– quick to learn and initiative navigation
–  the account menu is moved from top right to bottom left screen making it more visible and easier to access

See the full article here:
Version 7.8 Release

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