3 Big Businesses Turn to WordPress

Big Business Uses WordPressBloggers and small businesses aren’t the only companies using WordPress websites. Three major corporations sell their products and services through custom WordPress sites designed and developed for their business.

Leading the way is Ford Motor Company. The website was designed to integrate social media components in an effort to tap into consumers’ desire to interact with one and other. The development started with The Ford Story website launched in 2009 where Ford vehicle owners were encouraged to share their stories in a public forum among articles and videos related to the production of new environmentally friendly automobiles. In 2011, the company redesigned the website to accommodate more features, calling it Ford Social. In addition to videos, slide photos, articles and interactive options, the site includes a custom WordPress solution to manage the content.

If you listen to music, you’re probably using Spotify which is powered by a WordPress custom website. When the digital music masters were looking for a way to allow users to integrate the music they listen to with their social media and website platforms, Spotify chose a WordPress custom website for its flexibility to keep up with the digital music industry. The design and development of the WordPress custom website led to the creation of the Spotify plugin for WordPress in 2012. If you have a WordPress website you can embed soundtracks and display playlists right from Spotify.

Sony Computer Entertainment, makers of PlayStation have a custom WordPress design created for PlayStation users. The website includes podcasts, videos, demos, downloadable apps, and a blog with updates on new products. Users login through the WordPress custom website as members for complete access which provides Sony with information they use to serve their customers better.

If you hadn’t read this post, you would never know those sites were powered by WordPress. You can achieve the look, feel and functionality of a professional website by using a custom WordPress design and development team like ours. WordPress is big business. You should be too.

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