Monthly Archives: July 2014

Custom WordPress Design V. Pre-Fab Theme

We are often asked to provide a cost estimate for a new website. One of the best things we do is provide our clients with the cost for their projects as we shoot for 95% accuracy in our quotes. But before we can tell a client how much, we need to understand what ‘exactly’ it is the client has […] read more.

WordPress Theme Customization

Often our clients want to take the simple approach. So, selecting a theme, telling us what they like and want to change on it, and finally allowing us to take it to the refinery. This is the result… Checkout the new  Clementine Rae Dot Com/

Custom WordPress Design & Development

The Client: The Challenge: A new custom design to be developed on to WordPress CMS. Wait! This new design would need to consider the fact that all Bio Process websites, all 4 of them, would now run on the one CMS. The result: See for yourself. As, I like to say, the collaborative efforts of both client and Nicasio […] read more.

Tips to deploying new Magento Ecommerce


  There are a few moving parts to any website, however when it comes to an ecommerce website – and that  aMagento website with live customer data and sales… well let’s just say you need to know a few things  upfront before you take this journey.  One of the most important things you can do when undertaking an ecommerce […] read more.

Magento Website Design & Development

Client – Eva’s Aesthetics The challenge – create an aesthetically pleasing Magento Ecommerce site without losing the Eva’s Aesthetics mojo. Often a new website results in a shock to returning customers. We wanted to avoid that and went for the “Yes” reaction from its users. The result – Take a close look at the new Eva’s Aesthetics This new mobile friendly, […] read more.