Nicasio WildApricot Theme Refinement

Before: The client wanted a clean yet intuitive Wild Apricot website. Their old default Wild Apricot theme was not maximizing conversions and traffic was dropping rapidly. So, the BCPA.Org team approached us at Nicasio Design for our Wild Apricot Theme Refinement Package.           After: After the Nicasio Design Wild Apricot Theme Refinement the BCPA.Org team accomplished […] read more.

New WordPress Theme & RPMWare Integration

The website: Prospect Auto Sport The Objective: The integration of Nicasio Client’s WordPress Theme to his new RPMWare Store. The Result: See below WordPress website with RPMWare Store integration. Both WordPress and RPMWare Store connect basic navigation / links. Before:                                       […] read more.

Wild Apricot’s Strengths

Often we are asked, what would you say is the best part of Wild Apricot? To this I usually reply as follows: Membership Management Events Management Word-Class Support Let me explain why so that you can understand what the Wild Apricot platform can do for your organization. Membership Management: – Best in class multiple membership levels settings – […] read more.

Steps to removing Google Site Hacked Warning

What Google Proposes We’ve recently helped a handful of clients in removing the Google Site Hacked Warning. So, we thought we’d outline some broad steps for you here – just in case: 1- Go to Google Webmaster Tools 2- Next, click Add A Property. 3- Click Verify this property. 4- Click Security Issues. 5- Click Crawl & Fetch as Google. […] read more.

Successful Website Migration to Wild Apricot

When it all goes well, and you want to tell the world! Our client needed a migration to Wild Apricot, and to keep the design, layout, navigation, and aesthetics all in place. When we started out the approach was to create the site structure first. Then we would migrate the [and customize for use on Wild Apricot] website […] read more.

8 Management Behaviors That Foster Trust

According to Paul Zak, in his recent article titled The Neuroscience of Trust, there are 8 ways management can foster and build trust within an organization or team. Obviously, there is a link between productivity and trust within an organization. Otherwise, why consider and study this at all right? Fun Facts:  Compared with people at low-trust companies, people at high-trust companies […] read more.

Custom WordPress & Wild Apricot Integration Again!

The website: The Canadian Council on Africa The Objective: The integration of member focused Wild Apricot widgets for login, profile edit, member directory, event registration, and restricted members-only area while keeping the original design and layouts. The Result: See below a seamless integration of a WordPress website with Wild Apricot functionality. Both CMS and Membership management magic married in […] read more.

Custom WordPress & Wild Apricot Integration

The website: Women’s Business Network, Inc. The Objective: New Custom WordPress website design and development with integration of member focused Wild Apricot widgets for login, profile edit, member directory, event registration, and restricted members-only area. The Result: See for your self – a custom branded WordPress website with Wild Apricot functionality integrated for full benefits of both CMS […] read more.

A Tribute to Nesta Robert Marley Born 2.6.1945

Born Nesta Robert Marley, Feb 6th 1945, he became known as the Ambassador of Third World for his music and sold over 75 million reggae albums worldwide. Src = Famous Birthdays  At Nicasio Design we like to recognize those who have made significant contributions to the arts and humanity. Bob Marley was one such man. Some Trivia about […] read more.

Optimizing Your Wild Apricot Website

How To Optimize Your Wild Apricot Website The ever changing demands placed on the modern website require quick and efficient adaptability in order to remain relevant to your visitors. This is especially true for designers, whose business is always evolving and challenging. The goal of a great Wild Apricot website is not only to attract visitors, but to funnel those visitors into a desired action; […] read more.

Custom Wild Apricot API Magic

Nicasio Design Custom Wild Apricot API Magic Example #1 – Neuromarketing Science & Business Association (NMSBA) Task – A Custom Event Attendee / Member Directory The Result – Normally, a Wild Apricot’s event attendees list shows the attendee’s Name, Date of Registered, and a link to their profile (if attendee is a member). For example – see image below: Our task though […] read more.

Website Security & Best Practices

Website Security & Best Practices. Today’s Web Environment is Chuck Full Of Threats At Nicasio Design we see a huge range of infection types all the time, but our goal is to help our customer prevent a website hack then to help repair one. Here are a few tips to help prevent a website hack: 1- Use a […] read more.