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7 Steps To WordPress Success

7 Steps To WordPress Success What are 7 things that can help a WordPress user become more proficient in the use of the CMS? We have an idea as to what they may be – read on… 1. Ask the Right Questions: When faced with making a decision, we often overlook one key factor… asking the right question(s). […] read more.

Nicasio Design Services

We are often asked [if] we provide one service type or another, and as hard as it is to say no to some [types] of new business – we need to stick to our 3 core proficiencies and never try to be jacks of all trades as they say. The 3 core Nicasio Design Proficiencies are: 1- Custom WordPress […] read more.

Google says it’s time for “Mobile-first Indexing”

The problem: Google says it is changing its algorithms. So what does it mean when Google says that “our algorithms are not evaluating the actual page that is seen by a mobile searcher…” and why does it matter to you? Simply put… Google will be moving in this direction sooner than we think and expect: “[Google’s] algorithms will […] read more.

Essential LinkedIn WordPress plugins to connect with new customers

Looking to integrate LinkedIn into your WordPress website? As the leading social media network for professionals, freelancers, and entrepreneurs to connect and interact with each other in a business manner, LinkedIn has become an integral part of the recruitment process in almost every industry. Moreover, this unique social networking site has a very focused and different user base. […] read more.

Solutions that Work: How to fix Database Connection Error in your WordPress Website

“Error establishing Database Connection” This error is like a cockroach: no matter what you do, it always comes back, and you never know where it returns from. The causes and solutions to this pesky error can be tabled (as depicted here). But knowing the technicalities doesn’t reduce the increased heart palpitations this error’s occurrence can cause, especially in […] read more.

Google Rich Cards

First there was search. Then came mobile search. Following Mobile search was Rich Snippets. And now Google introduces Rich Cards. Don’t get too happy – the categories are limited to Recipes and Movies for now. Read the full Introducing Rich Cards post here.  Google tells us that it will soon add more categories. To see the newly proposed categories […] read more.

Google Pushing Harder On Mobile

Is there a better wakeup call than the one from Google to tell us that they are not tightening the screws on mobile search? Well, there is the article – please make sure you look it up and take a moment [or a few moments] to ensure your website is up to par with the new Google Mobile […] read more.

Theme Migration To Wild Apricot

The best way to support our customers is not to simply do the task, but in doing the task we set up a specific set of expectations about what the end result will be. Meeting these expectations is the goal each and every time.  Example: bellaterraacres.com  Task: The client had a need for a better way to manage membership / contacts and […] read more.

Live Oak Library WordPress Magic

The new and improved Live Oak Library website is now live. < —  This is the old site look and feel. The client was happy with the organization of the old site, however they needed a better calendar and just a cleaner look overall. Many of the offline activities of the library were very labor-intensive. The client has multi-branch events with different […] read more.

New Custom WordPress Design & Development Launch

New PQMInc.Com

The best part of the work we do here are Nicasio Design and Development is, well… launching new websites. The smile this brings to our customer’s faces is priceless. This is the new and improved PQMInc.Com website [click on the image to visit the site]     The old PQMInc.Com [at right], though functional, lacked a way to feature […] read more.

WordPress Pre-Launch Checklist

Photo Credit: Linkedin.com

So now you are about to launch your new custom awesome sauce WordPress website. Here are some best practices you can follow before you push the [Publish] button: 1. BACKUP EVERYTHING (database and files). 2.Check for broken plugins/functionality/etc. 3.Upgrade everything (plugins and core WP). 4. Revert backwards and/or fix any issues. 5. For goodness’ sake, change your admin […] read more.

Wild Apricot Custom Themes

 One of the biggest challenges an organization can face when selecting a Wild Apricot theme is how to make that theme more custom and personable to that organization. Well, luckily there is a solution – or more like 2 solutions actually. Read on… Solution #1 is a completely custom Wild Apricot theme which will require the work of a designer […] read more.