Wild Apricot Design and Development

“Wild Apricot is online membership software for associations, non-profits, clubs and subscription websites. It is a cloud-based system, so you can use it right from your web browser. And your volunteers can pitch in too, without installing any software!” – wildapricot.org

Key Features Of a Successful Wild Apricot Website

For over 8 years now we have been developing and designing Wild Apricot websites and themes. We want to share some insight, but first let me present you with some of the internal logic for us undertaking this approach: – We Love Wild Apricot users and their organizations – We prefer to work with the Wild Apricot Membership & Events CMS […] read more.

Nicasio Design Services

We are often asked [if] we provide one service type or another, and as hard as it is to say no to some [types] of new business – we need to stick to our 3 core proficiencies and never try to be jacks of all trades as they say. The 3 core Nicasio Design Proficiencies are: 1- Custom WordPress […] read more.

Google says it’s time for “Mobile-first Indexing”

The problem: Google says it is changing its algorithms. So what does it mean when Google says that “our algorithms are not evaluating the actual page that is seen by a mobile searcher…” and why does it matter to you? Simply put… Google will be moving in this direction sooner than we think and expect: “[Google’s] algorithms will […] read more.

Wild Apricot Launch Pre-Planning

Launching a website on Wild Apricot? Ready to make it live? Then, there are a few things you may want to prepare for to ensure a smooth transition from your current host to the Wild Apricot platform: 1- First thing you need to secure is access to is your domain’s DNS settings or Zone Files. If you run a query at […] read more.

New Custom #WildApricotTheme Launched

<– The New. What do you get when you combine years of expertise with the dedication and vision of an internationally acclaimed Chamber? Well, the result is an impressively clean and dreamy Custom Wild Apricot Theme for austchamthailand.com “AustCham is one of the most active and diverse foreign chambers in Thailand.” And we are honored to have been a part […] read more.

We’ve Been Very Busy ~ New Custom Wild Apricot Badassery

What have we been up to all these summer months? We’ve been busy doing some heavy lifting and… I think you  will agree that there are some visually appealing websites under our belt summer 2016: Site – http://www.usgbcflorida.org Challenge – Brand new website on Wild Apricot Membership Management Platform in which multiple local Florida chapters were consolidated into. […] read more.

Google Rich Cards

First there was search. Then came mobile search. Following Mobile search was Rich Snippets. And now Google introduces Rich Cards. Don’t get too happy – the categories are limited to Recipes and Movies for now. Read the full Introducing Rich Cards post here.  Google tells us that it will soon add more categories. To see the newly proposed categories […] read more.

Google Pushing Harder On Mobile

Is there a better wakeup call than the one from Google to tell us that they are not tightening the screws on mobile search? Well, there is the article – please make sure you look it up and take a moment [or a few moments] to ensure your website is up to par with the new Google Mobile […] read more.

Theme Migration To Wild Apricot

The best way to support our customers is not to simply do the task, but in doing the task we set up a specific set of expectations about what the end result will be. Meeting these expectations is the goal each and every time.  Example: bellaterraacres.com  Task: The client had a need for a better way to manage membership / contacts and […] read more.

Top10 Wild Apricot Sites

It is not surprising that people still love “Top 10 Lists”. Membership driven organizations also love Wild Apricot. It’s common knowledge that when driving memberships using Wild Apricot as a platform that organizations are constantly trying to find new ways to connect with their potential members. We have taken these facts and have created what we feel is […] read more.

Custom Wild Apricot Theme Design & Development by Nicasio Design

The old is usually quickly and easily forgotten. Why do we say that? Well…  think about it a minute. What was the last item you saved up for and purchased? If you cannot quickly think of it, then you are like most of us. We work for it. We obtain it, and then we move on to repeat […] read more.

New Refined Wild Apricot Theme

The best way to show how the before and after Wild Apricot Themes we work on for our clients – is to simply share a visual and allow it to speak for itself. This is the default Wild Apricot Themes as it looked before Nicasio Design refinement of same. Don’t get me wrong there is nothing bad about a […] read more.