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Related Posts by Category Widget

Official WordPress LogoNicasio Design is proud to announce the launch of of our second publicly available WordPress plugin: Related Posts by Category Widget

This is a customizable widget that allows you to feature posts that share the same categories as the current post you are currently viewing.

This widget is obviously only shown on the single post page.

Download Here.

Screenshot after the break.

Related Posts by Category Widget

19 Responses to Related Posts by Category Widget

  1. Awesome plugin! I hope you sometimes read the plugin forum dedicated to your plugin though, because I left some suggestions there πŸ™‚

  2. Dan,

    Thanks for much for this plugin. I did find one small error in the code that won’t let you display a list without the category name.

    Line 81:
    if($data[‘showname’] = ‘yes’) {
    Needs to be changed to:
    if($data[‘showname’] == ‘yes’) {

    Good job on the plugin.

  3. Good solution for CMS oriented sites. I would like one addition: could the title be dynamically populated with the current category title? This would great.

  4. A great plugin, simple to use and very efficient.

  5. You have a soft bug in the code. The code echo $after_widget; is located AFTER the closing bracket for the if (is single). That may break the layout in home.

  6. Is there a way I could insert a bit of code like this

    in substitution for the display of $related?


  7. Hi Dan. Thanks for the great plug-in!
    I noticed I couldn’t show more than 5 posts in the same category. So I changed the get_posts function in your code to:

    $catposts = get_posts(‘numberposts=’.$data[‘disp’].’&category=’.$category->cat_ID.’&exclude=’.$exclude_string.’&’.$order_str);

    Expanding the default numberposts value of 5 to whatever the user defines in the widget configuration. I thought you might want to add that to a new version…


  8. Hello, I am looking for related post widget by category that work under category page, not just in single post. Can you help me? Thanks

  9. The code from Fabio works, but if you copy and paste make sure to check that the single quotes copied right. Mine were right and left quotes at first.

  10. Fabio, thx for your patch. Now pluggin correct works.

  11. Hello

    Thanks for a great and simple plugin.
    the only thing is whatever I ask for the number of posts to show for a category, it is limited to a maximum of 5.
    Any idea what I could do to change this ?


  12. Hello

    Thanks for your plugin.
    I have but a small problem, I cannot show more than 5 posts for a category, although I wrote I wanted 10 of them in the widget admin.
    May you help please ?


  13. hiya !

    Good one indeed ! Just a question : how to have several instances possible for it ??? I have several sidebars but only one instance possible πŸ™

  14. RJ’s idea is great. I’d love to see this as well.

  15. So many things in the directions were very confusing to me. If I could write my own script, I wouldn’t need a plugin.

  16. This plugin is both functional and efficient. I have been using it for quite some time.

    Unfortunately it conflicts with the Catalyst theme which I am adapting for my use; it ‘breaks’ the sidebar. I have no idea how:)

  17. Hi, I can not use the plugins on my blog… it is not compatible with the theme i am using?

  18. Is it possible to use this plugin to vary the header image depending upon WHICH URL the user visits?

    I have a single WordPress installation, but several domains point to it.

    I want to have a different header image, depending upon which domain name the user has visited.

    So, would display an image related to theatre, and would display an image related to film, etc.

    Is this possible?

  19. Thanks for the plugin. I’m not skilled with PHP, but I have tried a dozen ways to get a post thumbnail to show up next to the post title in the sidebar widget. I’m sure this is possible, but not with my skillset. Any tips on how to do this?

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