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Reasons for using WordPress

WordPress DesignIn a recent article published by  Josic – 5 reasons for [well almost 5 good reasons] were expressed as to ‘Why Small Businesses Should Choose WordPress.’ Why do I say almost 5? Let’s see below:

1. It is easy to install: I agree – there was a time where a manual process was required and today… a few click and naming conventions and you are up and running a freshly minted WordPress site.

2. The interface is user friendly: Agreed! 3.8 has really cleaned up the interface and it’s the most intuitive WordPress admin ever.

3. Easy to customize: Ahammm… [clearing throat] I beg to differ and would challenge Josic to provide examples of DIY WordPress sites that match the style, aesthetics, functionality and overall information architecture of a custom WordPress website. Just sayin’

4. WordPress makes it easy to interact with readers: Absolutely – it’s the heartbeat of the platform.

5. There is a huge WordPress community: Ditto. I would wholeheartedly agree. It is a living vibrant platform.

Overall the article points out some valid reasons, but fails to address the fact that a completely custom solution for a small business competing with the big boyz is not going to happen out of the box.

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