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Dynamic Headers 3.4.2 Released

WordPress Icon LargeWe are pleased to announce that Dynamic Headers version 3.4.2 has been released. With this version we have fixed numerous bugs, and optimized the plugin even more. Additionally we have dropped support for WordPress version 2.6 and below as of this update. It is simply becoming too time consuming to try to add new features whil catering to all versions of WordPress. If you are using WordPress 2.6 or lower you will need to upgrade, or continue using an old version of Dynamic Headers.

Head over to to download Dynamic Headers 3.4.2

2 Responses to Dynamic Headers 3.4.2 Released

  1. Its great plugin.. thanks for the update

  2. I like the idea behind your plugin a lot.

    But I don’t understand why you guys don’t seem able to invest another half hour in internationalizing your plugin!
    You don’t even have to translate it, just make it possible for others to do it!

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