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Dynamic Header Plugin Kudos

We love it when the WordPress community embraces the work we do and expresses it to us:

“This plugin is fantastic.
It’s a good thing that developers like Nicasio make my programming life easier.”

DH Plugin User march/2011

One Response to Dynamic Header Plugin Kudos

  1. I have used this plugin on another site and it worked perfectly. I moved the site to another WordPress installation by exporting it and when I reinstalled the Dynamic Header 3.5.3 plugin I can get it to work on all the pages but the Blog page. The selector is there but it will not load either of my header choices. What could the problem be? will not load in a header. When it is not the blog page and just a page, the header loads but as soon as a tell the system to post blog posts on this page the header disappears.
    Your advice is greatly appreciated.
    Cheers, Andrea

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