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How to Get the Most Out of Your Wild Apricot Site

Wild Apricot Is Easy

This quarter Nicasio Design embarques on a new series called “Wild Apricot Tips & Tricks.” We want to share some insights to reduce the learning curve when using the Wild Apricot Membership & Event Management platform.

First off, let me say we are always ready to help with any Wild Apricot needs your organization may have. From setting up your site,  to importing a member database using bundled member options. Or, perhaps you need a tweak or two to make that template your own, we can help.

So, the following tips & tricks will be highlighted during this 5 part series:

1-Take Wild Apricot for a Test Drive

2- Presenting Wild Apricot to the Board

3- JavaScript Magic

4- Using 3rd Party Forms,Video hosting alternatives, & Using Google Analytics

5-Pre Launch Checklist

Please look for our first article tomorrow when we will cover “Take Wild Apricot for a Test Drive.” It is important to test it before you buy it.



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