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We’re #2!

Recently we were awarded 2nd place for “Best In Savannah Web Design” by Chris_Mc

Here is the post:

2. Nicasio, LLC – Design & Development for Web and Print

Nicasio, LLC is all about usability. Take their website for example: you can calculate the rough cost on your website design right there, without having to wait for a ping back from the web designer! That’s a service.

Coupled with the great usability is great design. Without even browsing their portfolio, you know Nicasio knows what they’re doing.

Services offered:

* Web Design and Development
* Content Management Solutions
* Web Analytics and much more…

Websites powered by Nicasio, LLC:

* The Creative Coast Alliance
* Savannah Magazine
* Gunn Meyerhoff Shay

One Response to We’re #2!

  1. Hey guys, congratulations.

    It was brought to my attention (due to lack of research on my part) that you, Nicasio Design, power the website of The Creative Coast Alliance (with Paragon Design Group).

    Changes in the post have been made to reflect that.

    Chris McCorkle

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