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My Empty Queue

I teach an Introduction to Film Studies course at a local college here in Savannah, GA., and I rely on Netflix to save the day from time to time with its wide selection of films that help me support the day’s subject matter. I love the architecture of the site. Its ease of use. The categories which help me find film after film by genre, star, director, and so on. Nonetheless, as much as I love Netflix – I recently experienced a minor issue with Netflix concerning my queue.

Last week the inevitable happened to me – my Netflix queue was empty and what do you think happens when your Netflix queue is empty?

A – You get an email alert?
B – You receive a text message?
C – Perhaps, you receive an empty Netflix red film shipping envelop with a note reading – “your queue is now empty and all your outstanding films have been received by Netflix?”
D – None the the above.

Students the answers is D. Nothing happens. Now why is that? Don’t know – but that will be my mission this week to get as high on the food chain at Netflix and find out why there is no empty queue notification option. I suspect postage is behind it. ie – no films shipped – no postage fees incurred. This is just a theory based on nothing.

Anyway, a week goes by and I ask my wife if we’ve received any new films from Netflix and her answer is ‘no.’ Finding that to be strange and knowing Netflix’ reliability I go online and learn that my neighbors are not stealing my mail/films, but the dreaded empty queue syndrome has happened. If none of you have never experienced empty Netflix queue syndrome, let me tell you – it feels like buying a ticket and never getting a ride.

4 Responses to My Empty Queue

  1. I found your site on google blog search and read a few of your other posts. Keep up the good work. Just added your RSS feed to my feed reader. Look forward to reading more from you.

    – Randy Nichols.

  2. What happened with your quest to get Netflix to tell you when your queue is empty? I signed up this year and found out they don’t notify you when the queue is empty. Not only that, there’s no real easy way to contact them to complain about that. Their “contact us” options are not user-friendly. I think it is a marketing ploy – if you don’t know your queue is empty, you still pay your monthly fee, but they don’t have to spend money on shipping a flick!

  3. “My” Netflix queue is empty and it is Netflix’s fault?

    If you let your car run out of gas is it the gas station’s fault?

  4. They used to notify you when your queue was empty, but no longer do. I suspect they quit about the time they made all of their major changes due to financial difficulties. My thought is, a little customer service goes a long way in retaining business. It’s the little things.

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