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Nicasio Launches Social Unique Networking Site


Nicasio Design is proud to announce the soft launch of the newest social networking site on the web; Let’s!

Users will be able to jot down their daily reflections on [well] whatever they want to reflect on. The fascinating part of this site is that it can redefine the scope of social networking in that it invites users to interact in an environment where they can enjoy the anonymity of the web and the personal approach to expressing themselves to the world.

Let’s features a completely customizable profile. You can create and edit your own profile sections, create blog entries, upload a custom avatar, custom profile background, and have custom font colors! All in a Web2.0 framework.

This site is in its infancy. By creating a profile and taking part in the site now you can ensure that your voice will be heard in new developments regarding the site’s future.

Let’s is based out of Savannah, GA and is designed, developed and maintained by Nicasio Design & Development.

Check it out!

One Response to Nicasio Launches Social Unique Networking Site

  1. I wanted to send out a huge thanks to the Nicasio Design Team. They are passionate about their craft and I highly recommend their services.

    Here are a few thoughts I have about my experience with these great guys….

    1. They are professionals. This is a high quality business based on honesty and straight talk.
    2. They make you feel comfortable.
    3. They are looking to develop a long-term relationship with you.
    4. They want to see you succeed.
    5. They are at the cutting edge of technology.

    Thanks for everything.

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