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Wild Apricot Launch: WTC San Diego

Our latest project built on the Wild Apricot platform is complete. The World Trade Center San Diego approached us about building their website on the Wild Apricot platform. They loved the member management component of Wild Apricot, but needed a fair amount of custom Javascript and Flash integration to achieve all of their goals.

We were able to meet all existing functionality of their old site, add some new functionality and allow them to use the great member management capabilities of Wild Apricot with this custom build.

Screen shot after the break.

One Response to Wild Apricot Launch: WTC San Diego

  1. Beautiful work! I have a potential client whose website is currently based on Wild Apricot but would like to expand their member services, especially in terms of content (mostly documents, but video files as well). My two main questions are:
    1. Before finding this post, I was not aware that site design with Wild Apricot was so customizable – did that take a lot of work?
    2. Can Wild Apricot handle several GBs of content (to serve to members)?


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