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Launch of Savannah Magazine Site


Well after many long hours of design, development & programming Nicasio & Paragon have launched the new Savannah Magazine web site.

Many thanks to the folks over at Savannah Magazine for their patience, and perseverance. We know this can be a long hard road for both customer and design firm, but they were as wonderful and gracious as their magazine is unique. See y’all at the launch party!

Also, many thanks to the team at Gauge Interactive for providing the back-bone/ hosting infrastructure to power this baby.

Look for many new exciting features to be released in the next few months. I personally like the calender and main featured article. The site’s clean and uncluttered style rocks!

2 Responses to Launch of Savannah Magazine Site

  1. Whoa! I didn’t know you guys were doing this…looks good!!

  2. Just wait until we role out “Phase Two” of the site… it is going to be so useful for people living in our city and for the out-of-towners wanting to see what Savannah has to offer! We are all really excited about the site!

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