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Custom website solutions— not a problem for Nicasio Web Design & Development!

Conceal & Carry Network

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The CEO & Founder of the Conceal & Carry Network (CCN) came to Nicasio with a great concept but with no idea of how to develop a website with his list of specific, and in some cases, unique requirements. Given this wasn’t our first rodeo, Felix and the team at Nicasio LLC jumped on board and spent some time outlining all of the requested functionality, researching possible solutions, and finally proposing a CMS platform ultimately chosen by CCN due to the built in functionality the platform comes with upon installation.

The platform, called eDirectory, met most of CCN’s specific requirements out-of-the-box and choosing a platform that meets your requirements the most is a crucial step in developing a website that fits your business needs and goals. Although there were some requirements that required Nicasio’s developers to customize eDirectory’s functionality, or in some cases create entirely new functionality, having the majority of the functionality included in the platform saved on development costs and drastically reduced the amount of development time needed which led to a quicker launch for the website.

We’re very pleased with the outcome and wish CCN the best of luck in their new business venture. Click here to read more about this project.


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