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Another Awesome WordPress site


This is, by far, one of Chris’ best site designs. I know I say that about every site launch, but this time – he [and Dan] have taken WordPress design and development to a new level. OK enough about us!

The customer –

Need – new CMS design and development in rapid development mode. Actual turn around time –  4 days.

Solution – WordPress 2.7, with custom search synonym allowing admin to associate probable words to search results. So, if visitor searched for let’s say ‘health’ in the admin an association can be made to keywords like – lifestyle, eating right, longevity, etc… There are many other plugins and special features the site has which I wont tell you about. Trust me! It’s pretty robust.

Take a look at for yourself.

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  2. Trying hard to be profound leaves any project lacking, putting forth the effort to make a design “simple” is much harder and wields a much more pleasing result. This is why so many people fail at writing poetry, music, or stories. They try to write “something profound” or a “chart-topper” or a “bestseller” and they don’t have the idea behind it to back it up. They ask “what is profound enough” instead of writing something meaningful to them and stumbling across profoundness. That’s how it works, to be profound you start simple and it “just happens” to be effective. This design itself has a complicated air of simplicity. This is ideal for any web design project result. You want the user to feel comfortable using the site because it’s simple enough for viewing and navigation, but also feel like the designer cared and put a lot of effort into it. This design definitely pulls that off.

    The flow of the site is consistent, page to page, and is bright, the colors well chosen. The background is “simple” enough not to distract from the information while “complicated” enough to be aesthetically pleasing and not boring. The alignment holds on zooming in, which boasts good, solid coding and attention to detail. These are all traits of good design and a solid foundation. The “simple” mouse-over link alterations make navigation easy by telling the user what is and is not a link without being complicated or flashy enough to overpower the site. Blue heading-links serve to avoid link-confusion for headings, turning red – like normal non-link headings – on mouse-over. The navigation is straightforward and many pages link back to places you can get to from other pages and the main page, making the navigation interlaced throughout the site.

    The main page “banner” navigation differs from other pages by excluding “@work” to make room for Ruby’s meal plan. This first link is different from the others by being in color and changing a background object color on mouse-over, rather than being in black and white and becoming color on mouse-over like the other two links are. Navigating to almost any page grants you access to the side-menu that includes “@work” and if you navigate there, you can see the piggy bank on a stack of books that represents that page. Adding Ruby’s meal plan to the main navigation link doesn’t take much away from the rest of the navigation, but rather draws more attention to it. Those who select “@home” or “@play” will easily access “@work” from those pages, so there is nothing really lost from the addition.

    Creative suggestion for future designs:

    One possible thing to try would be thinner “thumbnails” that expand to full-width on mouse-over, with a spacer at the end that can disappear when one of the links is hovered over to accommodate the space they will take up during expansion. Another way to do this would be to have Ruby’s meal plan, being at the far left, shrink to a thin thumbnail when another link is hovered over. Having “Roby’s Meal Plan” and “@home” and “@work” and “@play” written on the thumbnails and turned clockwise 90 degrees would easily compensate for the displacement, leaving a half-width sliver of the black-and-white picture visible when the link is not receiving the attention of the user’s mouse.

  3. Fashion is stylish, classy and practical.

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