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You don’t have to be a Tech Genius to Use WordPress as a CMS

That’s the genius of WordPress—the ease with which almost anyone can download, set up, learn and use this content management system (CMS) to design, build and keep your site up to date. If you’re not using WordPress as your CMS, your website stress is too high, and here’s why:

  • You can download this CMS for free and then use it to build any kind of website you need.
  • You or anyone on your team who knows how to email and use MicrosoftWord can learn basic WordPress editing quickly. After the fast and easy set-up, download a theme, move contentaround whenever you feel like it.
  • The WordPress community offers many design templates, of which come are free, as are a multitude of plug-ins, widgets and add-ons. Templates are almost infinitely customizable.
  • WordPress development gives you, or your professional designer, thousands of options, including the kind of pages you want to build, whether they’re dynamic or static. For example, some pages contain information you won’tneed to change often, like an About Us page on a business site. There you might include bios and the history of how your company got started; content that will not need to be updated. Or you can use blog posts to create pages with elements that change often, like news stories or updated products or services information.

Using WordPress as a CMS means you can do extensive designing, development and some of your own “glitch” repairs without calling an expert. But you’ll find comfort in knowing there are WordPress professionals, like those at Nicasio Design,who will ride in like the design and customization cavalry whenever you need them.

Maybe you’ve been using WordPress for a while and have tried to improve conversions by doing your own design customization, or installing add-ons, plug-ins and widgets. However, you still get queasy when you see your monthly salesreport. Rest easy knowing you can call these WordPress design / customization experts, who will take your site to the next level to attract many happy customers.

Whether you’re a Mom and Pop team just beginning with a simple businesssite in WordPress, or you already have one that’s not performing as well as you want, you’re part of a world-wide community of professional designers and tech beginners. They’re using it for many purposes, like simple blogging, as a sophisticated CMS and for everything in between. Most sing the praises of WordPress as the best for combining easy set up and learning with almost limitless design, development and customization choices, which Nicasio Design will guideyou gently through. Call us if you are in the market for a fresh new and awesome WordPress design. 912-441-7011 or contact us today!

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