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Dynamic Headers Hits 30,000 Downloads

Our very first publicly released WordPress plugin – Dynamic Headers – officially reached 30,000 downloads today!

I just happen to check out the plugin stats page right after it happened and I was able to grab a screenshot.

This may not seem like a lot compared to some plugins, but it’s only been out 9 months!

Thanks to all of the users of this plugin!

Screenshot and some more interested timeframe breakdowns after the break!

Dynamic Headers was released on 4/28/2009

That is 9 months 8 days ago OR
40 weeks 3 days OR
283 days OR
203 weekdays

That means Dynamic Headers is downloaded:
750 Times a week
106 Times a day
4.5 Times per hour

Not bad for a plugin we considered to be a niche plugin when we released it!


2 Responses to Dynamic Headers Hits 30,000 Downloads

  1. Thanks! Just installed, now just looking for instructions

  2. I just installed it as well. Instructions are in your dashboard at the very bottom where it says headers. But so far I am not having good luck. I have all my images loaded properly but I need to know exactly where I put this code in my header.php

    I am new to this and wherever I have placed it, I get two images of my first header and that is all that shows up. Then I get error messages.

    Can anyone tell me EXACTLY where in the new TWENTY TEN template header.php this code line goes??

    I sure would appreciate it.
    Thanks All

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