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It's Live!

We have finally launched the new and improved debis restaurant online order system, and its momentum is taking off. It has been 4 days since we launched debis new online order system and the number of daily orders have just about doubled. Customers are creating accounts, logging in on a regular basis, and the newsletter opt-in rate is above 50%; that’s amazing… and GREAT news for debis restaurant!

The new system has been dubbed à la carte v1.2 – way to name ’em Chris! Nonetheless, it is a hit with debis customers and we are glad to be a part of making it easy for Savannah to order its breakfast and lunch online, finally! Check it out at

One Response to It's Live!

  1. Great job guys! So all those late nights paidf off huh? Seems like a great product and definitely something restaurants around here need.

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