by Amy Brown

Amy Brown, an avid follower of all things Wordpress, works as a web developer in , a WordPress development services provider company. When Amy is not developing, she is writing what makes Wordpress so singularly amazing and how to leverage this platform for maximum effect.

A Solution to the Globalization Issue in JavaScript

When writing code for the front-end, developers at some point of time have to overcome the problem of globalization (or internalization). Especially, when it comes to writing a JavaScript library used to work with the DOM (document object model), adding support for different languages in a JS plugin can be daunting. And so, when working on any JavaScript […] read more.

Make Your Site Run Faster With This Simple and Effective Tactic

Do you think that just by optimizing a WP site in every aspect (with minifies JavaScript, CSS, compressed images, etc.) is enough for achieving minimum possible loading time? If you have implemented all the methods for speeding up your website, one thing that you probably have missed out would be creating a CDN (Content Delivery Network). Content Delivery […] read more.